Self Empowered

guided by LISA MARIE, astrologer

Hello and Welcome!

I'm Lisa Marie, your Spiritual Astrologer,

Aquarius SUN and MOON, Virgo Rising

As a child I was fascinated with all occult mediums especially Astrology. In 2016 I experienced my Spiritual Awakening and was introduced to Evolutionary Astrology, Astrology of the SOUL. This initiated a spiritual path of self discovery, self love, self acceptance and ultimately self empowerment. It is time to celebrate what makes us unique and different.

I'm here to support you on your unique path to SELF EMPOWERMENT.

Evolutionary Astrology

Evolutionary Astrology reveals the evolutionary development of the soul. It is the ability to objectively look at the blueprint (map) of your soul to gain deeper understanding. Astrology as a tool offers us validation in who we are as unique individuals and the potential we hold. We can access past life dynamics uncovering karmic patterns, themes, lessons and skipped steps. We gain insight regarding how we are trying to grow and evolve. From this we can feel supported in leaning into the process as we minimize resistance.

  • discover your Soul's purpose
  • uncover why you are experiencing repeating themes
  • support processing loss or crisis
  • clear understanding of anxiety, depression, illness
  • clarity on relationships
  • perspective on where your soul is trying to evolve/grow

As we dive deep into the soul's purpose together, we can uncover your unique storyline dynamics. This wisdom brings forth a profound shift in perspective as we grow and evolve with awareness. There is an active shift happening on our planet as we enter The Aquarian Age. Understanding what this means for us can really help us navigate as we move forward and experience a new way of being.

Grounding ourselves in who we truly are by fully acknowledging and accepting ourselves can create a ripple effect beyond our understanding. We can also feel supported in all our relationships as we embrace a deeper understanding from the soul's perspective. Allow me to be your guide into the known and unknown depths of who you are and your unique potential.

Evolve Forward,

Lisa Marie

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